Selling Your Discs PDF Print E-mail
  1. Visually inspect the discs you intend to send us. We will inspect them when they arrive and if they have surface damage, we may have to return them.
  2. Check our web site. If there is an asterisk (*) in the title, we are overstocked and can not accept any more copies of that disc until our inventory is reduced.
  3. If the disc(s) you are sending us are not listed on our website, use the Exchange Chart below to determine the amount of cash or credit we will allow for your discs. 

    Note : If you are unsure of the value of your discs, please e-mail us with your list and we will let you know the value of your discs. Due to the time it takes to check each list, if you e-mail us a list, we will quote a lower price for your discs.

  4. Please include the following information about your discs:

    1. Artist / Title............Cash Value OR Credit Value

      • You may send up to 10 discs without prior written approval.
      • If you send more than 10 discs at once, our cash price will be significantly lower that stated below.
      • We can not accept multiple copies of the same title without prior written approval.
      • If the jewel box is broken, subtract $1.00. If the front or back papers are missing or damaged, we generally won't accept them.
      • Address your package properly and if needed, purchase insurance. We are not responsible for discs that are lost in transit.
  5. Pack your Cds with a Seller's Form (listing the Title / Artist....$Credit Amount) and mail or U.P.S. your discs to us at
  6.         C.D.M.
            4051 Berrywood Drive
            Santa Maria, CA 93455-3342

  7. We strongly recommend packing your discs in cardboard boxes. Cushion them on all sides and in between with crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap or "foam peanuts". DO NOT USE padded envelopes because your discs will arrive with broken cases. Upon receipt of your discs, we will send the discs you ordered or we will send you cash. (not really's a company check)

    NOTE: There are many discs that have very little resale value. We reserve the right to return a disc that has poor resale value.



       Exchange Chart



2015 Releases - $1.50 cash or $2.00 credit
 Double cd sets - please write
Most all  other C.C.M. releases
$0.50 cash or $1.00 credit
Praise & Worship (Maranatha, Integrity, Hillsongs, etc)
$0.50 cash or $0.50 credit
Rap, Hip-hop, Gospel
$0.25 cash or $0.25 credit
Gospel, Christmas, Instrumental, Classic Reissues
$0.00 cash or $0.25 credit
EP’s, Comedy, Close-outs / Cut-outs, Various Artists
$0.00 cash or $0.25 credit